Stolen Bike

May 12, 2009 by

IMG_0585This bike got stolen yesterday from  our friend’s place in Manqaf, it is a bluewhite 2003 BMW R1100S with a license plate number 2403…if you spot the bike please call Scott on 97220184, the Police, or post a comment here.

  • Ayman

    I hope that it will be found soon

  • jojo

    Best also to inform TriStar as they are well connected with big data in Kuwait. Call also Salem 66704999

  • Hamad

    What better reason to buy a new bike ;-)

  • Ayman

    Hamad … the feeling of loosing a bike sucks big time …

  • Ruby Woo

    What a shame. Might I ask how it was stolen?

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  • monster4

    sorry for that it a divine sign for you to get a new one? Hamad has a good point…

  • JoJo

    It is not the issue of a new bike. Theft is depriving someone from his pride & joy. I never forgot the time my bicycle ws stollen when I was 7 !! I still remember that one !! Hope the R1100S it is found soon without much damage & the thief gets his fair punishment. By the way from the looks of it is the special eddition Randy Mamolla signiture and not just any R1100S

  • ٩٩٩

    For a moment i thought this was a stupid thief, why would someone steal a BMW !!!
    usually they steal Japanese bikes as they are easier to camouflage or to use as parts for another bike, but after reading JoJo comment i think this thief knew what he’s stealing…my car was stolen once and was found 2 weeks later abandoned in a parking lot with only around 50km on it …kids took for a joy ride it seams.
    Hope its found soon

  • lolo

    JoJo, did you get your bike back, or the parents got a new one ;-)

  • JoJo


    Never saw the bicycle again I did not get another one til I was in university in the states.A Schwin which I still proudly have

  • monster4

    The wife is usual the suspect #1 when a bike disappears.. or the older son…
    Seriously I learned never to be too sad nor too happy about anything in life, just enjoy what you have as long as you have it. God works in mysterious ways.

  • AliBaba

    I knew from a police man long time ago back in 1989 that they have taken a Suzuki Katana from one of the best biker back then… he was an an Iranian called Jawad… he was so staburn & he loved his unique bike…so to revenge for it…he jumped into the police station and toke his bike and start showing off by wheeling in front of the officers.

  • Scott

    Well, here it is 5 months after the bike was stolen and still no luck, has not turned up yet. I like AliBaba’s comment about the police taking the bike from the guy. Ironic thing is this very thought crossed my mind. The owner of the villa where I live is a retired Kuwaiti policeman and he told me frequently to lock my bike or someone will take it. So of course I was very suspicious when it went missing the very day I was to leave Kuwait on vacation…. only whoever took it stole it the morning of the day I was leaving instead of after I was away. Anyway, coicidence aside it is missing. If anyone has any leads to finding it I will gladly pay a tidy reward fee if it is found. Regards to all !!! Scott