Sportster 48

January 26, 2010 by

For the past 5 years or so, HD was either repeating it’s own designs or enhancing on excitant ones, but this has started to change with the launch of the XR1200, the V-Rods’, the Rokers’, the Cross Bones, and now the Sportster 48.

It seams that HD is now going back to its old drawing books -apart from engine and chassis- when designing a new bike and is trying to bring back the the old, the very old and classic styles that were only available thru custom builders…the new Sportster  Forty-Eight is all that , it is based on the the Sportster 1200, but with front and rear balloon tyres, under the handlebars mounted mirrors, shorty-style front mudguard, rear cut-down mudguard, single-seat with a low height, and in classic paint, black, or silver.

  • SoLo

    Today I was at BikeWorld to check the spacial edition Griso.
    In my chat with the Salesman, who is apparently a HD salesman, I was chocked to know that HD uses brembo Brake system on their bikes!!!!

    Never rode HD before, but the common comment I hear is that HD had the worst brake system ever. That was one of the reasons I did not go for a HD.

  • WaHaBz

    harley is shit

  • T-rixe

    I don’t know about the brembos but I like the new desine

  • Clint

    I just bought the 2011 HD 48, and it is sexier than the little hotty in this photo. The “Bopper” is what I’ve heard it call at rallies, and it get a lot of attention. It seems to be a hit with everyone- lots of drooling over it. The truth – well it is gorgeous, and loaded with plenty of the “cool factor”, but just between us, this bike vibrates like what I can only imagine the original 1948 might have. Twenty minutes on the freeway, or even just bopp’n around town, and everything I own is “num to the bone” My girl friend wants me to take her for a ride. “sorry only room for one” God help me if she ever gets on it, she’ll never want to get off it.

    Clint -CA