Aprilia strikes back

June 22, 2010 by


Remember the S1000RR table trick video?

Here is Aprilia’s response


  • MediaChick

    “Those who cannot do, preach” على راي المثل

  • BWvee

    The RSV might look a bit sexier than the RR, but the power and the handling of the RR is undisputable.

  • Gaby

    Good ad for the unsusspecting audiance who do not know better ,,, sorry for the wasted wine

  • http://WWW.acc.com 1000 RR

    all super bike,bikes,fast bikes and most of the European magazines rated the RR the best super bike in all.
    now this doesn’t mean anything as BMW first Moto gp race was last year
    while Aprilia has more than 30 years in this.
    the only thing i could say that Aprilia is good in cop cat Movies and action
    but they are far away of reaching BMW S1000 RR technology ,performance,power and heyy
    its a BMW for god sack not tuk tuk

  • zzzzz

    RR is fast but RSV is a better handling bike. you see the RR in many races it keeps crashing. i guess its more of a super street bike, not a track bike. you can even see it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfdxFSbrBUM
    straight line its super fast but RSV catch up on the corners

  • MV

    @ zzzzz did you try any of these bikes?

  • zzzzz

    yep, you can feel more power on the RR, but you can also feel the weight. the RSVfeels more stable and the front tire is always on the ground. plus each bike has a different power delivery technic

  • http://www.kuwait4x4club.com Mohd Jery

    The BMW RR is the King when it comes to speed.
    to secure a spot on the podium you need more then That. I’ll start with handling and end with racing history.
    Maybe after some time, few more recall’s, customers feedback and more racing the RR can be the best bike.

    If your not No.1 you cant be a winner so let the numbers do the talking for now


  • Gaby

    These no.s are the reflection of the bike & the biker that play a big role in getting the points.
    I read from the bottom of the list and I see an Aprilia with only 3 points !! Does that make Aprilia bad ?? same goes with all the other bike brands on the list. Give anyone of these bikes to Valantino & he might be on top of the list !!
    A road sport bike is totally something else & not to be compared with race bike.racing is to build the immage of the bike & not necessarily make it a suitable street bike

  • MV

    I have to agree with Gaby, but Mohd Jery also has a point.
    the BMW is only in their second year in the WSBK they need a couple of more years and depending on the progress one can judge.
    I have tested both bikes and i felt much more safer on the BMW, the RSV felt like it was built for a race track and not for the public roads.
    it is small and nibble, which is not always a good ting on public roads as this makes it unstable.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    guys the discussion is going in the wrong direction, this post is just about the 2 commercials, if you would like to discuss the bikes’ performance or have any comments about the bikes you can do so here:

    S1000RR test ride by me


    S1000RR test ride by Masoud


    and finally RSV4 Factory test ride by me


  • Gaby

    We r discussing the bikes based on the commercials,,,,actually the BMW is a stunt which was very effective & widely spread ,,,, The Aprilia one is a commercial to offset the BMW’s positive outcome and a way to highlight their SBK wins while putting down the competition

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